5G Ketamine 99% Pure Shards (NeedleShards)

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Pure Ketamine Crystals

Lab Tested : Pure Ketamine Crystal.
Shards Pharmaceutical Grade!.
Buy Pure Ketamine Crystals


1gram, 10grams, 100grams, 200grams, 500grams, 1kilogram

12 reviews for 5G Ketamine 99% Pure Shards (NeedleShards)

  1. Harry

    The very first time i tried this product i had few side effects as compared to any other anesthetic drug i used. been in the ketamine field for three months. A great product for real

  2. Darryl

    makes my mind relax and forget bout my worries. feel juiced up

  3. jones

    I’m grateful to have chosen this ketamine store after calling the few other clinics I could find at the time. I will continue to refer this clinic and ketamine treatment in general to anyone

  4. Anthony

    Man the order just came through . You deserve my recommendation

  5. Martin

    Thanks for keeping to your words

  6. kelvin

    The product just arrived though it had a day delayed . The quality is good man

  7. Peter

    The process was clearly stated, and I was kept informed of where I was. Once ordered the medication came quickly.

  8. Henry

    Very straightforward and smooth. Was having problems getting my essential medication. Ketaminestore delivered within 72 hours.
    Will use again

  9. Andrew

    Perfect, order came when said no issues at all.

  10. lary lan

    Ketamine decreases suicidal thoughts. Many people don’t know about this so if you got someone who wants to comet suicide.i will prescribe this drug.

  11. Michael brown

    ketamine difference starts with how quickly the drug’s effects kick in. this store has the best quality.

  12. Jason colter

    I never post feedback but i had such a positive experience i thought it wise to share cause i am so grateful to them and my wife is even more thankful cause she got her husband back. i know this may sound cheesy but i teared up as i write this. stay safe and always remember to never be scared to get help

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