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I feel like myself again!! I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 3 years ago and have tried every medication with no pain relief and could not control my brain fog. I was referred to Ket Shop by my pain management physician, Dr. King. I was very nervous at my first purchase, they made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions before shipping my order. I noticed the biggest difference after my second purchase, my brain fog was GONE! After every infusion my pain level decreased. It was such an amazing difference, my family and friends noticed the positive change in my overall wellbeing. Thank you everyone at Ket Shop for giving me my life back!!!
Lori Jones
After nearly two decades of suffering a nightmare pharmaceutical merry-go-round, crippling depression, multiple psychiatric hospital visits, branded with the diagnosis “treatment resistant,” I’ve finally found hope. Ketamine treatment has helped in a way I previously thought impossible. I feel light, present in the moment, even happy, as if the veil of depression has been lifted. To be clear, Ketamine treatment is a first step and requires personal commitment (during and after). It jump-starts you onto the road ahead… to regain control of your life, overcome darkness and isolation, to feel hopeful. I can’t understate just how profound this treatment has been, for both depression and fibromyalgia. My fibromyalgia pain has nearly vanished. Lastly, the entire staff was nothing less than amazing. The level of care was gentle, personal, and offered helpful tips after treatment. I never felt like a number, or simply another patient. They helped me, personally, take each small step throughout the process. I am grateful for the quiet voices, the patient listening, the gentle hand squeezing mine when I needed it, and for the genuine care and concern I was given. Thank you.
I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression all of my life, and have tried every kind of medicine and therapy. Nothing else worked for me. I had given up on finding relief, but I was much better after the very first ketamine treatment. After six treatments, my life was remarkably improved. I lost a brother to suicide, so I knew I had to take my condition very seriously. The relief was fast, and lasted for several months. Even if nothing else has worked for you, don’t be afraid to try one more time. You’ll be amazed how much better you can feel.
John Doe
He is thinking more clearly, he thinks his brain is actually working. He said, “Ketamine had a significant effect on uncomplicating my way of thinking. I can see more of myself and the world.” Not only that, but we talked for an hour and a half on the phone, with him seeming more like a normal person than he has seemed in 16 years! It was like something inside had been set free from the pain and agony of mental illness, and he was back to being the person I always knew he could be.
Lisa F.
Жизнь после кетамина, я обнаружил, что я мог думать о прошлых переживаниях по-другому, изящным способом. Фактически после борьбы с депрессией в течение 30 с лишним лет, все, что угодно, полезно. Я думал, что больше ничего не могу узнать из моего прошлого, Кетамин позволил мне реализовать монументальные триггеры в моей жизни. Моя жена и я не получили чуда, на что надеялись, но то, что мы получили, было БОЛЕЕ 20 лет, когда антидепрессанты могли предложить.
Hippolyte Shcherbakov
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